Executive Presentation Coaching

Executive Presentation Coaching Service

From ‘death-by-Powerpoint’ to ‘DEFT’ by Powerpoint!


When you give a presentation, there’s more than just a few Powerpoint slides at stake: your reputation – sometimes your career – could be on the line.

That’s why it pays to get it right first time, simply because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Our confidential and creative Executive Presentation Service includes:

– Your script professionally written

– Slides designed for your event

– Coaching to perfect your delivery

It’s an outstanding service for whenever you need outstanding results …


When should you use an Executive Presentation Service?

First off – this is not about a designer bashing out some slides and leaving you to get on with it … It’s about you having an objective (and unseen) expert team-player with many years’ experience working on your side, right up until you give the presentation.

This service is ideal when…

Shh Thin1. Confidentiality is vital

Your business presentation may contain sensitive information. Merger details? Cut-backs? Redundancies?New product plans? Investment opportunities?  Our confidentiality (and we’ll sign any NDA you deem fit) means that no other employee in your organisation or external agent will get to know what you’re going to say, until you say it. They won’t know you’ve ever requested support to get your story right – all they’ll see is you presenting a compelling case at the very top of your game.

2. You don’t have much time

If only opportunities came at the right time. But they don’t. If you have a short deadline but you need to create a ‘killer presentation’, we’re up for the challenge if you are. After briefing us, you can get on with your normal work … while we work on your script for your approval … then, when you’re happy with the flow, we create your slides … you just have to refine the final product to suit. But you will have to invest time in practising your delivery – and your Adviser can also help you with this, as you’ll see below…

3. Everything’s at stake

Chances are, you will want your presentation to make a big difference. Whether it’s winning a large contract, gaining investment, satisfying shareholders or turning negative news into a positive, there’s a lot at stake. That’s when you need someone with experience and knowledge to guide you. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that you’ll win every time, but we can stack the odds massively in your favour.

4. You need an honest opinion

Most senior executives hear ‘Yes’ more than they hear ‘No’. If nothing else, this is often just to end meetings quicker so ‘yes-men’ to get back to work. You may never hear from an employee that you might be getting it slightly wrong. That takes guts – or someone from the outside that has your objectives (not his job) at heart. It can be lonely at the top … so let us join you. We won’t always tell you ‘what we think you want to hear’ – we’ll tell you how it is. Otherwise, you may never know.


Four stages to your presentation success …

There are so many presentations out there, and there’s a reason why so many of them are boring. It’s because they don’t follow the three fundamental tenets of persuasion. We’ll show you how to master them and how they should fit into your presentation.

Here’s how we work with you:

Briefing meeting1. Briefing

Firstly, we need to clarify your objectives and what you want to achieve. During the briefing session, we discuss you… your style of leadership … what makes you project well (and what doesn’t). We also discuss members of your target audience and what you know about them. We need to know what their Motivational Drivers and Emotional Activators are, so we can tap into them to make your presentation persuasive as well as informative.

2. Writing your script

Many executives say, ‘I never work from a script!’ They’re the ones who often get lost in tangents, lose sight of their objectives and over-run before they get to their main point (leaving later presenters at conferences fuming) …

We’re not saying you have to read from your script … we’re just saying that it is your structure and main story. You can either learn it or paraphrase it – but in your early stages, you really need a script. And we’ll write it for you (or with you) in such a way that you’ll wish you were saying the words. Which you will be …

3. Creating your slides (including translation if required)

Jap SlidesThis is where your presentation starts to become a real game-changer. We’ll create your slides using our ideas, your ideas and financial data (where needed) to make a stunning visual experience. We’re not just a script-writers and advisers, we’re also experienced designers. We’ll create your slides to make them punchy, not too wordy, and a shining example of effective communication.


And we use standard software so you’ll also be able to update your slides as you see fit.

For added audience engagement, we can also translate your slides into their language – if English is not their first language, they’ll  really appreciate the consideration.

4. Coaching your delivery

Male & Fem PresentersYou’ve got the tools for a really great presentation – we could just leave it there. But sometimes it’s good to practice your presentation and gain guidance and one-to-one coaching on how you can improve your presentation technique. This is where we help you with:

– Voice projection and intonation

– Pace and dramatic pauses for emphasis

– Gesturing

– Audience engagement

It’s important that you feel confident with your new presentation. We give you presentation and voice coaching to ensure that your delivery is engaging, dynamic and, most of all, persuasive for your audience.

But this also takes commitment on your side: it takes practise … practise … practise to be your best!


What to do now …

Let’s have a discussion on the phone. We need to know ‘the challenge’ and the timing. If we can help, we’ll make arrangements for a briefing meeting.

Contact Martin Ison in confidence on: +44 (0)7813 205 228

… or email him direct using the contact page.


Who else have we helped?

Our knowledge and skills are now being used by corporate communications professionals from over 200 organisations in the UK, EU and North America (some shown below).


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