Supply Chain Communications

Communication for the best P.R.I.C.E


Communication is arguably the most vital ingredient for Supply Chain Management success – especially in the light of EU and Brexit uncertainties.

Whether your aim is to: Disseminate Information … strengthen Stakeholder Collaboration … Educate and Train or … Motivate To Act, the quality of your communication strategy will count immeasurably to your success – and that’s where we can help.

Effective communication delivers strong relationships, and it’s these relationships which are key to forming successful long-term partnerships.

Micomms Ltd has years of experience – and international contacts – to help you to deliver on the ingredients that make successful supply chain management: we help you get the best PRICE…

Getting the best PRICE

1. Profitability

If it’s not a profitable process, it’s not working. Micomms focuses on strategic communications to give you a measurable return on your investment.

2. Reputation

Effective communication builds and protects the reputation of individuals, brands and whole industries. Reputation is something we continually strive to maintain, simply because your Reputation is your Leverage.

3. Improvement

Your investment in training can pay dividends, we’ll help you build and deliver your strategic training programmes to ensure your Supply Chain is given continuous improvement direction.

4. Channel

It’s important that your message is received and understood. We’ll help you build the channels to get your message across – whether that’s a face-to-face ‘Meet The Buyer’ style event … video engagement … or online content.

5. Engagement 

It’s an oft overused but rarely understood word – but what you really need is Commitment: Engagement is the method to help you get the Commitment you need for a reliable and successful supply chain. We’ll get you there.


Warsaw – part of supply-chain roadshow in 5 countries

So when you need to achieve the best PRICE – contact Micomms Ltd and we’ll discuss:

– The issues you’re facing

– Your communication objectives

– Your Supply Chain audience’s needs

– How to convey your message

– How to measure success


Video-Making Training

Download our video-making guide

“… thoroughly well prepared … I learned a lot and without doubt I will be able to apply these techniques not only to save money, but to deliver things I thought previously impossible. I highly recommend it to my marketing colleagues!”
Dorne Lovegrove, Head of Marketing, Orange Business Services