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Venue Selection – The Goldilocks Syndrome


Finding venues is easy. Choosing the right one for your event is the challenge. Any venue wants your business and it’s their job to show you the best of what they have to offer. Let Micomms work on your behalf by finding the right venue and negotiating rates for you … it’s FREE!

Because your choice of venue is the single most important  factor in your event’s success, it pays to know the right questions to ask.

  • Is the room the right size and shape?
  • Is there ease of accessibility for contractors?
  • Are the staff experienced enough?
  • What else is going on in the hotel on your event day?

These are just some of the very important questions we ask on your behalf to help you ensure that you choose the right venue or your event AND that news of your planned event remains secret until the right moment. Because giving everything away too soon can cause prices to escalate.



Some things we look out for …

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Most venues are impressive places.

The fact that they are designed to be impressive is precisely the reason why they are being marketed as venues … but it’s all too easy to allow the ‘wow’ factor to take over and for your cool and objective decision-making capabilities to take a back seat, while your heart takes a breath-taking stroll through opulent surroundings.

Every venue will tell you that they are exactly the kind of place you’re looking for. It might be true … but we make sure you’re the judge of that.

Here are a few less obvious things we look out for:


shutterstock_1641758Décor and upkeep

  • Décor-wise many older hotels have impressive public areas (where most decisions are made) but get worse the further you get inside towards the bedrooms and meeting rooms. We’re not perturbed bu this: we ask to see everywhere.

Staff appearance

  • We look for how well dressed the venue staff are – shiny shoes, clean aprons and straightened ties are a sign of the ‘attention to detail and service’ you need.

Non-public and work areas

  • We ask to see the kitchens. Most venues prefer not to show visitors the work areas – but this gives an indication that they have nothing to hide … or otherwise. However, they are work areas, so won’t don’t expect perfection: cleanliness and good order is what we’re looking for.

shutterstock_77046181WiFi speed

  • WiFi – check connections and Baud rates (we use a WiFi checker) in bedrooms as well as public areas. Low venues on hilly surroundings often have variable receptivity.

Staff availability and levels

  • We check staff availability on your big day. Will the nice people, with whom you’ve built a great relationship, be on holiday leaving you to deal with strangers?


  • We don’t discuss the venue with accompanying colleagues until we’re well away from the building – an shutterstock_95321800inadvertent overheard comment could ruin your negotiation leverage later.

Listening and smelling

  • We find we learn a lot by just listening … to what the venue contact has to say … noises outside … noises from service corridors and kitchens … squeaking doors … loud air-conditioning … any smells from outside, like drains … will these affect your event?


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Dorne Lovegrove, Head of Marketing, Orange Business Services