Are your messages misfiring?

Male & Fem Presenters
“They misinterpreted the message”

“You just don’t understand”

“Don’t you read your emails?”

“How many times do I have to tell you?”

“I even showed you a PowerPoint presentation!”


Most people in a corporate environment tend to believe that they are ‘a good communicator’.

Trouble is, it’s not up to the communicator to decide. If a presentation, video, brochure, website, blog is not understood and acted upon, it’s the fault of the one delivering the communication; not the one receiving it. This is why so many messages are not acted upon, or misfire completely.

How to get ACTION from your Communication

If you convey a message … but nothing changes, then you may have just wasted your time. Every time you communicate it’s usually to create or in response to ‘change’. The purpose is to achieve a corresponding change in habits, attitudes and work processes.

And to do this, there are six things we help you consider:








We won’t bore you with all the details on how we do this here, but just imagine how much easier life would be if we could communicate using telepathy

We could work out what MESSAGE we wanted to TRANSMIT … because we’d be conveying pure thought, ENCODING and DECODING the message wouldn’t be necessary … RECEPTION would be perfect and free of any INTERFERENCE, allowing our idea to be send and received perfectly and without misinterpretation.

Sadly (well, lucky for us … or we’d be out of business) life isn’t quite like that.

We help you with all these factors to get your message across.

Why Communications ‘Consultancy’?

You know how a videographer sells you video … a web-designer sells you web design … a designer sells you a brochure … and so on? Well, we sell YOU. Your message … your products and services … your idea … your brand. We put your business objective first and then ‘sell’ your message. The objective comes first, the medium or how we convey it comes second.

Start the Change Process Today

Here are some ideas of the kind of things we mean …

  • Improved Presentations – to get messages across more effectively
  • Internal Communications Programmes – to inform, educate and motivate your teams
  • Social media content – management to keep that stream of online consciousness going
  • Literature – that doesn’t obscure your message with ‘funky’ design
  • Videos – with a strong message and CTA focus, rather than just a feel-good feeling that wears off
  • PR Coverage – to create a strong brand reputation
  • And, well … it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, really

Whether you need to motivate, educate, or sell an idea or product, you need effective communication that works. Let’s discuss what you’re trying to achieve.

Video-Making Training

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“… thoroughly well prepared … I learned a lot and without doubt I will be able to apply these techniques not only to save money, but to deliver things I thought previously impossible. I highly recommend it to my marketing colleagues!”
Dorne Lovegrove, Head of Marketing, Orange Business Services