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Experienced and well-connected: your partner on the road to success

Every event puts reputations firmly into the spotlight: your organisation’s … your people’s … not least your own.

That’s why our 20 years’ experience and global network of live contacts is essential when you need to make the right impression. There are no second chances.

Worldwide Business Events™ is here to help you stage a successful event as part of your internal, external and international communications strategy.

Whether your aim is to generate more business; to achieve thought leadership in your industry; or to increase productivity by motivating your employees …

Worldwide Business Events™ is your partner on the road to success.

Why choose Worldwide Business Events™

for your next event?


As event organisers and marketers, much of our international experience comes from our work with government trade and investment promotion programmes around the world.

Here are 7 very good reasons why Worldwide Business Events™ stands out from the crowd …

1. We set the standards for others to follow


e don’t just organise successful events. Delegates from over 200 corporate organisations in the UK, Europe and North America have attended our event management and marketing training programmes.

Embassies around the world follow our methods and advice – and two of our delegates have gone on to organise the G7 and G8 Summits attended by world leaders.

This means you can be assured that your event is being organised, not just by professionals, but by the professionals who are setting the standards for the rest of the industry to follow.

Slide2pig2. We pay YOU money!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Unlike any other event management company, we are prepared to negotiate commissions with venues (if available) and redirect them back into your budget. We do this for a number of reasons:

  • We’re working for you, not the venue. This includes ensuring you get the best value.
  • It discourages overspend of your budget to maximise commission payments.
  • It helps us keep our ‘on time and within budget’ promise.

 3. Our international contact network works for you


We have useful contacts in all major markets worldwide. This means we can get things done quickly and reliably.

Through our work with government departments such as UKTI and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Worldwide Business Events™ has live contacts in more than 40 countries around the world.

What does this mean to you?

To contribute toward the success of your event, Worldwide Business Events™ is able to conduct market research … locate venues … find local suppliers such as interpreters … source email lists … and gain useful, topical, local knowledge on your behalf.

Our contacts are useful to have working on your side to ensure your success in any country around the world.

4. We coach your speakers

Let’s not be mistaken … it’s not the venue or the destination that makes an event successful: it’s the quality of the message and how it’s communicated.SpeakerSteel

Worldwide Business Events™ is committed to the end of ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Some speakers are experienced enough – but many have never been given objective feedback or any presentation skills development training at all. Most of these welcome the opportunity to gain objective advice and any useful tips on how th
ey can fly-high and really engage the audience.

Your event will be remembered for the quality of these presentations – so it’s a worthwhile investment in time. We know of no other event management company that has such in-depth training skills to offer this kind of service.

5. PR and marketing experience to support your event

IdeaOrganising a corporate event is not just about sending invitations and making sure that the seating layout and AV system is suitable for the occasion…

Worldwide Business Events™ helps you design your content; sets KPI targets to help you measure success; markets your event to generate attendance and engagement long before the event starts … and manages your speakers, offering presentation coaching if required. We are committed to doing everything possible to making sure your event is an outstanding success.

Your event is much more than just ‘an occasion’ – we’ll turn it into a memorable business-boosting communication achievement!  

6. Able to build your training programmes

Slide6If training and development is high on your agenda, you’ll be pleased to know that, through our parent company Micomms® Ltd, Worldwide Business Events™ has 5 years’ experience producing training programmes, designing and producing training collateral and handling logistics.

Whether you’re training employees, agents or customers, let us handle your training event management, content design and delegate logistics for a really motivating training experience.

  • Training day management
  • Design of training collateral
  • Webinar design
  • Surveys and evaluations

7. We’re ‘People’ people! 🙂

Slide8We believe that events are not just about venues … or budgets …they’re about PEOPLE. So you’ll be pleased to know that we treat every delegate individually and with care on your behalf.

Being ‘people’ people, is important for good reasons: it helps to reduce cancellations, it engages delegates and, we’re told, makes us enjoyable to work with – important in times of pressure.

Why not request a full proposal from Worldwide Business Events™ and let us demonstrate exactly how we will ensure that your event and your people are in good hands?

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“… thoroughly well prepared … I learned a lot and without doubt I will be able to apply these techniques not only to save money, but to deliver things I thought previously impossible. I highly recommend it to my marketing colleagues!”
Dorne Lovegrove, Head of Marketing, Orange Business Services